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At the beginning of each semester, we organize free trials of opportunities for young people and adults in our fencing hall at Döbelnsgatan 60. The own equipment consists of long training pants and training shoes with a light sole. Email your application to the addresses below with name, address, complete birth number, telephone and guardian if you are under 18 years of age. 

The spring semester 2021 is a try on Sunday 17 January .

Registration 9-12 years:   

Try-on at 10:00 and 12:00, Sunday 17 January ,

Registration 13-15 years:

Try-on 14:00, Sunday 17 January . 

Registration 16-99 years

No one to try this semester due to the corona

As a beginner, you will learn the basics of fencing, put a shock and defend yourself  against the opponent and develop your speed, coordination and fitness. For the course, you need long training pants and training shoes with a light sole. We lend other equipment for the first semester. Registration for the beginner course is binding. All registrations are confirmed by email. Beginners’ courses start the second week in September and in January.

Once you have learned the basics of fencing, you will be promoted to one of our continuation groups. Where you end up depends on your ambitions, your knowledge and how far you have developed as a fencer.

Elite fencing The
club invests heavily in elite training for both juniors and seniors. At FFF, a large part of the Swedish sword elite trains – both ladies and men.

Exercise fencing
This is the group for you who are over 16 years old and do not want to invest in elite-level fencing. The group consists of fencers at many different levels. Everything from elite fencers who have reduced their level of ambition to fencers who “only” think fencing is the most fun there is.

Veteran / pensioner
FFF has an active veteran group. This includes older fencers eager to continue, as well as active pensioners (in principle 60+) who want to try or resume our wonderful sport. Information can be obtained through Ulf Lewin, ,
076 -760 26 00.


Young people  (9-14 years)1750: – 
Cadets and Juniors  (15-99 years)2000: – 
Students2000: – 
Seniors  (20-99 years)2300: – 
Cabinet200: – 
Support member (fee for full year)350: – 

 The fee is paid before the start of the course at bg: 5291-3951.

 IBAN: SE20 8000 0832 7990 3536 7227  


There are several competitions held through out the year.