Young people  (9-14 years)1750: –
Cadets and Juniors  (15-19 years)2000: –
Students2000: –
Seniors  (20-99 years)2300: –
Cabinet200: –
Support member (fee for full year)350: –

 The fee is paid before the start of the course at bg: 5291-3951.

 IBAN: SE20 8000 0832 7990 3536 7227  


 Mark the payment with the student’s name, semester and course day, eg Autumn 2017 on Thursday.

As a member of FFF, the club needs to have all the information about you, that means  name, address, social security number and email address for invoices. This can be  emailed to  medlem@fff-faktning.se . It is also very important to report 
changes in this information.

SvFF’s Idrottsförsäkring is taken out via Folksam and covers all members of FFF. Participants in “try-out fencing” are also covered by the insurance. The insurance covers accidental injuries that occur during training, competition and camps (also abroad and during travel to / from the business) which are arranged by SvFF or by FFF. However, the insurance is not comprehensive. Read more on the Swedish Fencing Association’s website fencing.se.