Commitment To The Club

FFF is a non-profit association that is based on all members getting involved. Since we have many young people who are members, this means that we need many committed parents.

Are you good at mecca or do you have the opportunity to wash or repair the loan equipment? Maybe you can help as a judge or something else at the youth cup which is our own club competition for the very youngest fencers.

For the slightly older fencers, we need committed parents who help at the St. Erikscupen as judges and internal and external secretariats as well as judges at master competitions.

Every year we arrange the Challenge Eugène Fillol competition, which is primarily aimed at seniors and juniors. Here we need help with everything from rolling out slopes before the competition to helping in the internal or external secretariat. In addition to contributing to the club, you and your family get the opportunity to see Swedish and international fencing at an elite level up close. In short, everyone is needed and everyone can help in some way. 

Welcome to FFF!