Nice At Competition

Nice at competition

If two FFF members meet in a match, it is not okay if very many FFF members only cheer on one fencer. You applaud both. This applies to both parents and friends. We must all try to see what it looks like from the outside. If only one of two club members gets much more support than the other FFF fencer – what signals does it send? If a club friend stands alone on his half of the piste in a club meeting, when the opponent has a parent or other person there, it is good to go forward and stand behind as a support. Applies primarily to direct elimination. 

As a parent, you have a great responsibility in behaving nicely. All parents hold their own children; it is a biological fact, but it does not mean that in a match where the FFF fencer meets a fencer from another club or in a match where both fencers come from FFF, you express very loud encouragement or coaching. You always place yourself behind your own fencer when watching an ongoing match. 

As an FFF member, you always behave politely towards referees, other clubs’ coaches and other parents. The judge’s verdict is not discussed and questioned. A polite question may be in order if it does not disturb the fencers. 

When a coach comes to a student during competition, especially during the period break but also at other times, you as a parent, or friend, step back directly and leave the conversation entirely to the coach. The parent’s role is then only to be prepared with the water bottle at a proper distance. 

When the fencer has lost a direct elimination match and thus has fencing ready for the day, we want you to stay and support and cheer on your friends who are still in the competition.

As a parent, it is important that you leave everything to the training to the coaches. This applies to focus, content as well as mental coaching. They have the club’s undivided confidence to develop our fencers in the best way. 

The club would like to emphasize that we welcome the great commitment of our fencers from both parents and club mates, but we ask you all to think about. In the same way that everyone helps everyone as far as equipment, dropped screws and the like are concerned – let us also show this kindness and courtesy on the slopes. 

In summary:

Cheer on your own child in a club meeting.

  • Fencers do not express their support for one of the fencers in a club meeting 
  • Do not argue with judges 
  • Leave coaching to the coach if it is present 
  • You place yourself behind your own fencer during the match