Where can you find competitions?  They are available under the calendar on Click on the calendar link, select Swedish competitions, then you can look at all competitions’ invitations, registration mode, etc. Many competitions are informed to the youth fencers via email, and sometimes via Facebook, FFF Stockholm Fencing (a good page to follow for general FFF info). 

What do you need to compete?  In addition to proper fencing equipment, including at least two weapons and two cables ( read more about fencing equipment here ), you need a competition license. The competition license is redeemed on the Swedish Fencing Association’s website and is valid for one financial year (corresponding to the school year). Solve competition license here .

How to register for a competition?  The fencing association has a system called Ophardt, which handles all aspects of the competition. In it, after you have bought your competition license as above, you must create an account to then be able to register for competitions. See also  Ophard’s manual for competition registration .

Within Ophardt, it is our registration manager Rikard Ekman who, after the individual registration, approves the club’s registrations and makes the final registration for the competition. Please note that there are international competitions for which the Fencing Association approves registration and national competitions for which FFF approves registration.

Please note that the last date  for registration with FFF is usually two days before the date stated in the invitation. This for our administration. After that date, the opportunity to register is closed. Registration for international competitions must usually take place one month in advance.

What do I do to get my application approved by FFF? Read on the invitation, can be found under the calendar link on , which system the competition organizer has for payment of the entry fee. It may be possible to pay in cash or with a swish at the competition site, own payment of the entry fee to the organizing club’s account, or club – by payment, ie the organizing association wants FFF to pay everyone’s fees. Is it club-specific payment  should  the entry fee directly in connection with registration is deposited in FFF’s competition account: Swedbank 8327-9,934 797 432-2. Please note that this is not our usual bank transfer. Payment on the wrong account makes it difficult for those who work non-profit to give everyone the opportunity to enter competitions. Note that different banks may have different ways of handling transfers to bank accounts. If you have problems, contact your bank.

Is there anything more to think about?  FFF strives to be able to fund judges for the youth competitions we prioritize and send judges to. In principle, the club starts five starts on a referee’s day, alternatively SEK 2,000. Many volunteer and judge, but in cases where we do not succeed in getting judges, or can not afford it, the referee fee will be charged to the fencers. In order to cover part of the club’s costs, we must charge a referee fee for competing seniors and veterans. The level will end up at about SEK 150 per competition day. This fee is invoiced afterwards.

How do you do in a competition?  As a FFF member, it is important to behave politely and sportily in all situations. Read more about how to behave under the tab Nice at competition.

If that does not work, where do I turn?  You can always email