27 October, 1901

The history of FFF

The association for the Promotion of Fencing Art FFF was founded on October 27, 1901 and became the first modern fencing club in Sweden. Fencing champion (Maître d’Armes) Eugène Fillol was involved in building up the club and the modern fencing in Sweden. He was a fencing master at FFF from 1901 until 1914. Challenge Eugène Fillol’s hiking prize consists of the magnificent bronze statuette that Fillol donated to FFF before returning to France.

Famous fencers

FFF was clearly dominant in fencing during the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s. Famous fencers during this time were Gustaf Dyrssen, Gustaf Lindblom, Nils Hellsten, Knut Enell and Hans Drakenberg. A prominent and talented fencer for FFF was the current king’s father Prince Gustaf Adolf who in saber won three individual SM and two in team for FFF, he daughter HKH princess Brigitta also fenced at FFF.

1910 – 1930
1970s – 1980s

Famous fencers

FFF’s greatest fencer of all time is Johan Harmenberg who won the WC in sword in 1977 and the Olympics in 1980. He was also part of the FFF teams that in 1978-1984 managed to win the team-SM in men’s sword six years in a row, an achievement no other association has managed. Peter Barvestad and Greger Forslöw were also on the team all these years.

Famous Fencers

FFF today is a club with a wide range of talented fencers, everything from experienced defenders who place themselves on the podium at Swedish elite competitions, to talented cadets and juniors who take home master medals for FFF. In recent years, FFF has been particularly successful among the cadet and junior ladies, and these national teams have largely consisted of FFF members, such as Elvira Mårtensson, Julia Lindgren, Sophie Engdahl, Selma Abu Eid Tjulin and Runa Gordon Achour. The latest major international success for an FFF member was Elvira Mårtensson when she took a bronze at the junior European Championships in 2018. 

Early 2000’s


Johanna has been competing for FFF since 2009.
Greatest merits:
7 VC medals
2 SM Gold
JVM Gold 2010 in Baku
JVM Bronze
JEM Gold
JEM Silver
4 JSM Gold